Whats not to love about the Our Time Beach Umbrella Cabana? We have taken the functionally brilliant dual purpose Cabana/Umbrella, added some unique features and presented them as a coordinated collection. 

Our Beach Umbrella Cabanas not only include a removable shade wall that doubles your shade, but also include a grass spike for use on the toughest of surfaces or for extra shade at that backyard picnic.

Fretting about having to leave the beach as the sea breeze picks up as it might blow your Cabana away? The Our Time Beach Umbrella Cabana is the only product on the market with adjuster straps on the legs to allow the height of the shade to be adjusted to reduce wind resistance and giving your family precious extra time under shade.

Love your outdoor relaxation space to be as aesthetically pleasing as your home? Our Time has meticulously matched its collection pieces (cooler bags, recliners chairs and much more to come) in colour and/or print. No more Kmart blue chairs and or supermarket food coolers needed thank you!

Well thought out functionally brilliant, beautiful collections..that's our promise!