Congratulations on investing in an Our Time Ultra compact Beach Cabana Gazebo to make your boating, picnic and days at the beach more than just beautiful memories. This set contains everything you need to enjoy your day on grass or sand.


Important Information: This compact beach cabana gazebo is a portable structure and should not be left unattended or erected overnight. DO NOT use when wind is gusty or higher than 15 knots.  Please follow these instructions carefully as Our Time Australia is not liable for injury and damage caused by shades not erected as directed. 

Instructions to Assemble and Disassemble the Our Time Ultra Compact Beach Cabana with removable shade wall are outlined below. 


  • Beach Cabana Gazebo Frame with one push up system
  • UPF 50+ Cover with stability legs and sand pockets
  • Removable Shade Wall
  • Backpack Carry bag
  • Grass Pegs


Step 1:  Choose a suitable location: Select a flat and level area for setting up the Beach Cabana. Make sure the ground is clear of any debris or obstacles that could interfere with the setup process. Consider the wind direction and position of the sun to ensure the removable shade wall can be used if desired. Refer to step 7.

Step 2:  Unpacking the Beach Cabana. Remove the Beach Cabana Frame from the Backpack Carry Bag.  Stand the compressed Beach Cabana frame on its feet facing the desired position considering sun & wind direction. 

If two people are assembling the Beach Cabana, stand at diagonally opposite corners of the frame and slowly expand each leg. Ensure the scissor-action struts in the roof of the frame open evenly and smoothly.  For one person set up - it may be necessary to move from leg to leg during the opening of the Beach Cabana.  Continue to expand the Beach Cabana frame until almost fully expanded.

NOTE: If the struts are stiff, do not force the Beach Cabana frame.  Check and make sure that you are opening the Beach Cabana frame squarely and evenly. 

Step 3: Fitting the Beach Cabana Canopy. NOTE: This step will only need to be completed on first use. The Beach Cabana canopy can stay on the frame for future uses if desired.  

When the Beach Cabana is nearly fully expanded, remove the Beach Cabana Canopy from the carry bag and place it over the roof of the frame of the Beach Cabana. Make sure it is evenly spread out and aligned with the frame. Now secure the Canopy to the Beach Cabana by attaching the canopy to the Velcro strips on the frame on the top corner of the legs.   

Step 4:  One-push locking system. Locate the activation button in the centre roof of the frame.  Push upwards until Gazebo expands, do not lock into place.  Ensure all corners of the Canopy are aligned and that it does not snag on the frame.  Once checked, push activation button upwards until it locks.  Secure the Velcro tabs of the canopy to the roof of the frame.


Step 5: Adjust the Beach Cabana Height.  Locate the red height adjustment buttons on the legs of the frame and push to extend legs to desired height. You will hear a click when they are locked in place. Note in afternoon breeze, the Beach Cabana will be more secure with the height lowered to reduce wind resistance.

Step 6: Stability:  For extra stability use sand pockets or pegs provided.

For use on Sand – The Beach Cabana has 4 sand pockets per leg.  Depending on the conditions, fill 2 to 4 sand pockets in the legs of the canopy cover with sand. The Our Time Beach Cabana is unique in that is provides sand pockets at two different heights to allow the cabana to be reduced in height to use in stronger breeze.

For use on Grass - Insert the pegs provided through the designated holes in the frame and drive them into the ground. This step is essential to provide stability and prevent the Beach Cabana from being damaged by strong winds.

Step 7: Removable Shade Wall: Depending on the time of day and position of the sun, the shade wall may double the amount of shade provided by the Beach Cabana. The removable shade wall provides both shade from the sun and protection from the breeze. The shade wall can be positioned on any of sides of the Beach Cabana so there is no need move the frame. To attach the shade wall, simply unroll the wall to the desired length and Velcro the strips to the frame legs and the side struts of the frame. The shade wall can be used to its full length to the ground or halfway to allow air flow or in stronger breeze. Note the warranty clause below relating to use in gusty and high winds.


     1:  Remove sand from pockets or pegs (if applicable)

  1. Undo Velcro tabs of Canopy. Note you can keep the canopy attached if desired.
  2. Release One-push lock system button by pulling it down.
  3. Holding one corner, walk the Beach Cabana legs together, release each red button on each leg and slowly lower.
  4. Carefully fold cabana canopy legs and any excess canopy fabric into the top of the frame.
  5. Vigorously shake off any excess sand especially sand that may be caught in the leg shaft. Remove leg fully to assist removal of sand.
  6. Pack in backpack bag


The bottom portion of the legs are designed to be pulled apart (by releasing the red buttons) to remove any sand that may have lodged in the leg.  If the frame or canopy is exposed to saltwater freshwater rinse is recommended. Ensure all components are completely dry before storage. The Beach Cabana canopy and carry bag can be hand washed in soapy water.


IMPORTANT: all beach cabanas gazebos will be damaged in gusty winds. We DO NOT recommend use in conditions over 15km per hour or in gusty conditions. This may void your warranty.

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