Have you noticed the villages of beach cabanas growing every summer on your favourite beaches?

So have we, but what we found they were either very functionally focused, in not so fabulous prints or in that same not quite navy blue found in every discount and outdoor store.

Then to find a matching chair, cooler bag or beach mat (ours is coming and will be worth the wait!!) in remotely the same colour or styling was non-existent even from all of your favourite online market places across the planet..

So we thought if we are doing to design our own Beach Umbrella Cabana in stylish prints available in a full range of outdoor room products, what does it need to fulfil our plans to offer an outdoor room for all day relaxing? 

1.  Easy to assemble as 1, 2, 3..screw in the heavy duty beach sand anchor, literally pop up the umbrella, fill the sandbags and you are set for the day. 

2. Double the shade..have you noticed that most people actually sit outside of their cabana for most of the day as the shade is only directly under the shade, when the sun is directly overhead? Problem solved as we have included an easy zip on/off shade wall for one side of your shade to double the shade and allow you to sit under your Beach Umbrella Cabana all day!

3. No more to pay..all parts are included for use at the beach and on the grass so once you invest in your Beach Umbrella Cabana there is nothing else you need.  All included..

  • Removable shade wall,
  • heavy duty beach anchor,
  • sand pegs for high wind days,
  • adjustable cabana legs, 
  • grass spike,
  • comfortable and durable carry bag 

4. Bells and whistles..oh yes of course there are:

  • removable stability legs (use our Cabana as an Umbrella without the stability legs),
  • adjuster straps allowing you to drop the height of your Cabana for greater stability which the afternoon sea breeze comes in
  • pockets on each stability leg for phones, glasses, sunscreen
  • clever add on products like the Cheese Board Tray that attaches directly to the Beach Umbrella Cabana pole (fits any standard beach umbrella or cabana..even those with a square pole)
  • Pegs for greater stability in higher winds

5. Style and function..we are proud of all of the well thought out features...but it all started with building a beautifully coordinated outdoor room..you can have both!

Enjoy your perfect outdoor life!


Tracey Lucock