Can you relate? You are all set up at the beach, fruit or cheese platter made, maybe even a cheeky glass of bubbles in hand...

THEN the kids return with sprays of sand covering the food. The dog then follows and knocks the whole lot over.

The other option is to keep the cheese board on the cooler bag or esky..Have you ever counted how many times your family grabs a drink, food or just opens it to say, I'm hungry..

ENTER the Our Time Cheese Board Tray that fits securely onto the pole of your Beach Cabana. NOTE: fits mosts brands of Beach Cabanas with square and round poles).

It can be placed on the pole at any height so weather you are standing chatting with friends on kid swim patrol, or lounging on your Our Time 4 Position Recliner, your Cheese Board Tray is at arms reach.

At Our Time we understand that most families have someone with a food allergy or preference. With the Allergy Safe Tray, dairy, gluten or even meats and oily antipasto can be kept separate. The Cheese Board Tray Cover is an extension of your beach entertaining set and can be used for serving lunch, salad, fruit or seafood.

At the end of the day place your Allergy Safe Tray over the hole in the middle, place the cover on and pop the Cheese Board Tray either into the Our Time Cooler Bag cold compartment or the expanded dry food storage area for transport home. If you have time to wash and dry your Cheese Board Tray while you are out, then of course you can simply store the set it in the built in pocket in the cooler bag.

Cheese platters at the beach not your thing? You will love the trays simply to hold the items you use frequently. Phones, sunscreen, water bottles, sunglasses all remain sand free and right where you need them.

Needs another reason to love these beautiful Cheese Board Trays? They are handmade with care in Australia, finished in food safe beautiful Danish Oil and smell simply divine. Christmas gifts done and dusted this year!

With Our Time beach days are easy, relaxed and of course straight from the pages of your favourite magazine..



Tracey Lucock