Clutch Black Palm



Clutch Black Palm



Perfectly matched to your Our Time Beach Umbrella Cabana and Beach Recliner and Our Time Double Compartment Cooler Bag the Our Time Accessories Clutch is designed for a full family day out at the beach, on your boat or at your favourite picnic spot.  

The clutch is the perfect size to hold all of your accessories. Think sunscreen, cheese knives, salad servers, bottle opener, champagne stopper..even a water bottle.

Check out all the great features.

  • Easy wash exterior fabric
  • Stores easily in cooler bag side pockets for quick access¬†
  • Rustproof zips
  • Matches prints on the rest of the range¬†
  • Perfect size! Comfortable accommodates:¬†
    • two bottles of wine (tall enough for champagne)
    • six-pack of beer
    • 4 water bottles
    • stacked containers for cheese, fruit, wraps (we love the¬†Sistema Brilliance¬†range as it fits perfectly and doesn't leak)


  • Clutch


Weight .071kg          Dimensions 34L x 8.6w x 15.5 H


Our Time Insulated Double Compartment Cooler Bags are designed in Australia and custom made with China from polyester and acrylic zips.



Wipe clean with warm soapy water or machine wash on a gentle cycle. Please dry completely before storage.

Assembly & Use

  1. Note new zips may be stiff on first use. Gently open and close 3 times to ensure smooth operation.

  2. Take care with sharp objects.